Why Bike? A Rationale on Cycling

It’s been more than a year now since I bought my first mountain bike, all thanks to the initial influences of my brother and some friends, and it’s been fun all throughout! But after all the planned and impromptu rides we had since early 2012, the question ‘why bike among all the other stuff we can do instead?‘ sometimes pops up.

Like most people, I learned riding a bike in my childhood. That was when I was between six to ten years old? And then my parents sold all the bikes we had in the house after the continuous minor accidents I had whilst riding around our area, even though I never went farther than 500 meters from our house. Riding never crossed my mind again ever since. Well, until my brother bought one for himself last Christmas 2010.

One time, I accompanied my brother at The Fort to bike with his friends while I stayed in a coffee shop. I’d sometimes switch with him when he gets tired- and that’s when I rekindled with the fact that riding really is fun. When my friend Dennis learned of our trips, he lent me his old bike so we can ride simultaneously.

After a few more rides in the city, the need to bike constantly slowly but surely became a necessary habit. I’d invite old friends who also have bikes to venture to the foodie areas of Marikina and Quezon City. Problem is, always borrowing my brother’s expensive 33,000 PHP bike wore and tore it down, and that prompted me to buy my own. That’s when I went to John Wilkie’s Bike Shop located along J.P. Rizal st., Marikina City, and found a decent ‘Infinity’ mountain bike for 10,000 PHP. I wasn’t brand conscious at the time (even now, so long it works lol), and I just made sure it had disc brakes and that the frame size was right for my height.

After a few more friends jumped in the bandwagon and decided to buy their own bikes, we upped things a bit- we formed Joal’s Sugoi Biking Club on a semi-joke whim and went on to try bike trails such as the ones in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City and Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Around half of us, though, ride road bikes since being the athletes they are, they also participate in triathlons. But that doesn’t stop us from riding together.

To formally answer the question on this post regarding why, it’s really just because it’s fun and fulfilling. In business terms, the return of investment you’ll get into buying a bike and spending ample time to use it, are (1) plenty of exercise to keep you in shape, (2) getting to travel to a lot of places in a way you’ll never be able to by car or foot, and (3) being able to spend time with friends in this fun endeavor. A bonus (4) would be that unspeakable adrenaline rush we had while going on dirt bike trails.

Though ride after ride, that unavoidable habit of getting addicted to upgrading our gear and becoming brand-conscious finally plagued us. Although I try to resist, it’s actually good to invest in equipment that could actually prevent you from certain injury, or even death. But sometimes, the impulses can go a little overboard by wanting to upgrade everything all the time. That’s the unhealthy and ill-advised part.

Buying parts on sale or for cheap though, is a different matter. That said, I upgraded my Infinity frame to Lesmer’s GT-One Joyce since it looked sturdier, and only for 2,500 PHP at that! It was worth the cash since my rides have been smoother since. Another good thing about being immersed in gear is that you actually get to know, in a natural effortless way, the whole anatomy of the bike, which will be very useful in the long run.

Anyway, definitely more rides to come! Non-cyclist deciding to go biking? Don’t be afraid to invest in protective equipment, and also don’t be afraid or shy to learn the basic ropes in biking if you haven’t yet! Age doesn’t matter here. And no, not everyone learns to bike as a kid. And always, ALWAYS be alert while on the road. Already an avid biker? Hope to see you in the famous bikers’ destinations around the metro then!

Here are more photos from our previous bike trips throughout the year:

UP, Diliman / Ate Fe’s, Maginhawa St., Quezon City

From Antipolo to Greenhills, San Juan / West Ave., Quezon City

Monterey Hills, Marikina

Bike Trails, Camp Aguinaldo

Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Timberland, San Mateo

Antipolo Church

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