Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kira File.03

Another two months have passed, and now we have the third of the 4 OVA episodes of Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kira! This is the second OVA series of the anime to be released, mainly to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

To the readers who haven’t watched Higurashi yet, don’t go diving into this one since you won’t be able to appreciate a thing, as this is made for the fans. Watch the original series first! Out of the tons of anime I’ve watched, Higurashi still ranks at my Top 5 – the best mystery / gore / story twist / life-appreciating / mind-boggling anime yet. If you’re interested, I’ve made a review of the original anime here!

I just got my copy and was only able to skim the episode for a few screens (God, I’m sleepy as hell), so I’ll just make a quick summary based from what I saw: in this ‘Intertwined Destiny Chapter‘, this episode starts with Keiichi and Mion walking home together, and gets spotted by different people at different times, stating that they’re a ‘perfect match‘.

Mion shies away and runs home. Seeing that her twin sister makes no progress with the boy she likes, Shion decides to meddle with their affairs. Later on, Rena Ryuguu also joins the fight. Who will be able to win Keiichi in the end? :3

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Below are further screenshots:

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