Kintama: The All New Gintama Episode 1 Download

Gintama is back, with the all new protagonist Kintoki Sakata to boot! I wonder how Gintoki will react to this? Lol. So, just to confirm: Yes, Gintama is definitely back and will be aired every Thursday at 6:00 PM on TV Tokyo Japan. That means new downloadable laughs every Friday of the week. One catch though: There will a be repeat of selected episodes in addition to the new ones. When or what will be re-aired? That I do not know yet.

For my review about Gintama btw: click here.

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Kintama is brilliant breaking-the-fourth-wall exploring new undiscovered universes in story plotting.

Silver wavy-haired Sakata Gintoki, coming back to his home after leaving for six months without notice, finds himself unrecognizable by everyone and and that a certain Sakata Kintoki, a complete opposite of Gin: gold straight hair, nice, generous, hard-working, etc., was running his house and business as if taking Gin’s place.

Thinking everyone was just playing a prank on him, Gin pleaded to his fellow protagonists Shinpachi and Kagura, but to no avail. He sulked that they just threw 60 volumes of anime DVDs- 5 years of good times, bad and life realizations they had together. Both were confused and claimed that it was Kin that was with them on all 253 episodes. As Gin watched the DVDs, all the episodes contained Kintoki, and not him.

The perfect Kintoki defended that it could be Gin hallucinating- that he was watching the Kintama anime all the while and fantasized that it was about him, and had gone mad after. With no one to recognize him, Gin was stripped of all his sense of self. Reflecting on all 252 episodes of Gintama, could everything we’ve watched all this time be a lie?

So Gintama (Silver Spirit), make way for Kintama (Golden Balls)!

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