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Lenovo A60 Giveaway: Congrats to Cedie Albaniel!

Congratulations to Cedie Albaniel for winning‘s Lenovo A60 Giveaway! ‘Til next time! :)

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Lenovo A60 Giveaway Winner!

Now announcing the winner for Akashic Records /’s Lenovo A60 Android Phone Giveaway! It could be you, it could be any other who has also liked our page. Just watch the video to find out! :D

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Kata i1: The Next Generation China Phones Have Arrived!

Christmas hell week is finally over! I went through countless all-nighters, but I guess the hard work paid off :) now I’m able to have a breather by writing again on this blog that’s been postless for about a week now. I apologize to those who visited in the past days yet failed to see new [...]

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