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Rub Ribs & BBQ Heaven!

The second most memorable ribs place for me since Rack’s- Rub Ribs & BBQ! I’ve been hearing a lot about this place lately from friends- mostly from Ladi, Joal and James’ office mate, Edward. The latter invited us here for a quick dinner after working hours and I finally got to try it! The journey […]

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Hand-Pulled Noodles from Kanzhu

What I initially thought of as a Japanese restaurant that recently opened in Marcos Hi-way, in front of McDonald’s, was actually Chinese- Kanzhu’s Hand-Pulled Noodles! We tried it out while the branch is still fresh and new. What I can say about the establishment is that it’s what you would usually expect in a typical […]

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Almost Mugged: Modus Operandi at Ligaya / Marcos Hiway

Earlier today, while on my way to Eastwood City (C5 Libis), I found myself being targeted by snatchers. This could practically happen to anyone anywhere, so it’ll be better if I share the exact details: around 2:30 PM I rode a jeepney at Ligaya, Marcos Hi-way enroute to Pasig Palengke, then I was supposed to […]

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