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XBOX One Finally Revealed!

Microsoft’s flagship arsenal to counter Sony’s PlayStation 4, dubbed the XBOX One, is finally out! Well, not technically since the reveal event just finished awhile ago. I guess the rumored XBOX 720 was a bust after all. This news has all been the rave on my wall, so I’ll just share to you a summary [...]

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PlayStation 4 Revealed: Specs, Controller, Games, Features and More!

February 20, 2013- Sony held a more than two-hour stage presentation at New York, revealing their next flagship console, the PlayStation 4: its specs, features, new controller, upcoming games, etc., but not the console, much to our sadness. Rumor is that they’re saving it for this year’s E3 event. Don’t want to reveal all their [...]

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Kata i1: The Next Generation China Phones Have Arrived!

Christmas hell week is finally over! I went through countless all-nighters, but I guess the hard work paid off :) now I’m able to have a breather by writing again on this blog that’s been postless for about a week now. I apologize to those who visited in the past days yet failed to see new [...]

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