FF7 Remake for the PS3 and FF8 for the PS2

Over the last four years even until now, fans worldwide have been desperately brooding over a Final Fantasy VII remake. It all started and boomed tenfold after Square Enix released a technical demo of FF7 for the PS3, showing the console’s capabilities and power. But somehow most people got the wrong idea and went on to expect more after being fed with a super awesome version of the 15-year old classic game’s signature intro sequence.

Then false rumors started to spread.

To get things straight and clear for everybody, there is NO FF7 remake in development as of the moment. The company has its hands full with other FF games as well as other titles. And Tetsuya Nomura himself, ex-Character Designer and now Game Director of Square Enix, stated that “…there won’t be any remake happening anytime soon.” BUT the good news is, he also didn’t rule out the possibility of a remake.

Looking at both the developers and gamers’ perspectives, haven’t we had enough of Cloud Strife yet? There’s already Advent Children, Crisis Core, Before Crisis, On the Way to a Smile, Last Order, Dirge of Cerberus among many others. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t say they weren’t awesome (because THEY ARE, to the ∞th level!) But let’s be objective for a moment and admit that Cloud’s just been hogging the spotlight for too long! I’m trying my hardest not to be biased, but WE HAVE TO MAKE WAY FOR SQUALL. XD

So I guess the best thing to do would be to stop mooching over this overrated topic, get ourselves busy with other things, be productive, and be thankful IF such a moment comes. :)

Here’s the technical demo of FF7 for the PS3:

Similar to FF7, FF8 also made a technical demo for the PS2 to showcase it’s power and no, there ain’t gonna be a remake for this either:

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