Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes Teaser and Gameplay Video

Attendees of the 25th Metal Gear Anniversary first caught glimpse of the surprise at hand from God-like game developer Hideo Kojima- a new MGS game entitled Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes, said to be the prequel of the yet to be heard of Metal Gear 5. They were shown a whopping 11 minute footage containing cutscenes and extended gameplay demos that boast their new secret weapon the Fox Engine.

And the teaser sure is stunning. Fox Engine-sama has literally taken the game development competition to a whole new level- I couldn’t really imagine what could be more real than what the current games project, but now I think this is the next step to that ultimate simulated reality we’re all after.

Take note that the Snake here is Naked Snake a.k.a. Big Boss in his old age (From MGS3), and not his son Solid Snake, the original protagonist of the franchise. We can make that clear by the FOX logo on his suit and by looking at his eyepatch which he fashioned after the unfortunate events of MGS3.

Details from an article at TheVerge follows:

“Snake enters the same base to recover Paz and Chico, his targets for this mission. What follows is some traditional gameplay of stealth traversal, with Snake paying close attention to the sweeping of spotlights, trying to avoid being spotted. But this is a “completely open world,” Kojima says, offering new freedoms. For example, Snake can steal and pilot vehicles, like helicopters and jeeps.

For now, Snake simply takes out a guard manning a spotlight with a supressor-mounted gun. Then he commandeers a vehicle, driving a jeep toward the base. He’s in danger of being spotted, so he quickly backs up — generating laughs from the crowd. Kojima also touched on another new gameplay tactic for Snake, air support.

You can use a flare to call in a helicopter at any time,” Kojima said, offering covering fire if needed. In swooped an attack chopper, complete with a “Flight of the Valkyries” soundtrack. Kojima promises that players can choose which song they want to play when their helicopter flies in.

To end the demo, Snake entered that helicopter and took off from the base, watching from the window as he flew off in the distance. Kojima says the helicopter can be used by Snake to fly to other missions and other countries, a hint at the expanse of the open world of Ground Zeroes.”

Here are the videos released:

Teaser Trailer

Extended Gameplay Video

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