How to Get Your Passport in DFA

My passport just arrived in the mail, fresh from the Department of Foreign Affairs. And now that I’ve successfully been able to get one, here’s a quick and simple guide from me in getting yours too, if you haven’t yet. ;)

Only in 5 easy steps!

Step 1 – Set an appointment online via the DFA’s Passport Appointment System website. Finish the process and print the already-filled PDF version of your E-Passport Application form which will be sent thru the email you specified.

Step 2 – Prepare all the necessary requirements before going to DFA. Requirements can be viewed here.

DFA Office (Photo c/o

Step 3 – Go to DFA before or on time with the complete requirements at DFA Consular Office: ASEANA Business Park, Bradco Avenue corner Macapagal Boulevard, Paranaque City. Going there by car will be just a breeze.

But if you’re commuting, the fastest way would be getting off MRT’s Taft Station or LRT1’s EDSA Station, and ride a bus/jeepney alongside EDSA that has a board in the front saying “DFA.” Going there from my place in lower Antipolo took about more or less than an hour. Be a little bit early so you won’t be cursing random people afterwards.

Get ready to join this line! (Photo c/o

Step 4 – Once inside, show the staff your E-Passport application form and ask them where you should first get in line. It probably will be that big-ass tent just outside the building. You’ll be waiting there with the other 100-ish people who set an appointment with the same time as you. Not to worry. Even though that sounds ridiculous, it’s gonna be actually much worse if you didn’t set an appointment. It took me about more or less 4 hours in DFA to finish, and a friend who didn’t make an online appointment stayed there for more than 10 hours.

The first line you’ll be getting in would be to process the required documents you brought, second would be at the second floor where you’ll pay the processing fees 950 PHP for regular processing (15 working days) or 1,200 PHP for rush processing (7 working days). You will receive a receipt which you’ll need later. Lastly, you’ll just have your picture and signature taken along with verification of your personal details.

Step 5 (Optional) – There’s a booth before the exit of the second floor where you can request to have your passport delivered to your home, for the small fee of 120 PHP. That’s definitely a way better option than getting to drag my ass over there again. Lol. And they were right on time! I went there May 30 and got it on June 22, so that’s 15 working days.

Anyway, the only tips I can give to you in making your passport application a little less like hell is that for you to be punctual – be extra early so you’ll get a headstart from the other people who has the same time slot as you, and make sure that you bring all the necessary documents required – other IDs that may be considered as valid isn’t always the same for DFA since they rejected my TIN and Postal ID. You don’t wanna go back to your place just to get a stupid ID and then back again to fall in line. Once you have all that, the only thing you’ll need to have is patience.

Good luck in getting your passport and have a safe and fun trip abroad! :)

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