How to Get Your Student Driver’s License in LTO

I just got my student driver’s license from the Land Transportation Office (LTO)!

And here are 8 simple steps on how you can get yours if you still don’t have one:

1.) Prepare the ff. requirements:
- Original and xerox copy of your NSO Birth Certificate
- Letter of Consent duly notarized for Minor Applicants (16-18 yrs. old)

2.) Go to your nearest or preferred LTO branch

3.) Ask for Application for Driver’s License in the counter and fill it up properly

4.) Proceed to the Customer Service Counter to have your documents checked get a queue number, and wait to be called

5.) When your number is called, proceed to the Transactions Counter to submit your documents to the Evaluator

6.) You will be called again to have your photo and signature taken

7.) Proceed to the cashier when your name is called to pay the fees and get the Official Receipt

8.) Proceed to the Releasing Counter when your name is called, present the OR and get your Student Driver’s License.

And that’s it!

How long will the whole procedure last? It depends on the LTO branch. I have friends wait up to four hours just to get their student’s license, but I waited for just about one. A notary lawyer friend of mine suggested that I get mine at Cubao since that’s the fastest branch she knows. I started at 11am and got it at exactly 12nn.

To get there, just ride a taxi from Gateway, Cubao and tell the driver to go to 20th Avenue. The LTO branch is at  Mirasol St. along 20th Avenue. Just to be sure you won’t get scammed , here’s the map to Mirasol St. c/o Google Maps:


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  1. Noel says:

    Is it really need a notarized Letter of Consent? is an ordinary endorsement letter from parents not acceptable? My parents are outside the Philippines and worried that they might be required to be physically present during notarization.


    • chad says:

      I’m sorry, I can’t say for sure since I haven’t experienced something like that firsthand, now know anyone who did. You can contact LTO and ask questions in this number: 922-9061 to 66. Good luck!

  2. Dhek says:

    Chad, just wanna say Thanks for this info, actually i am searching for the Kata i1 reviews and hit your blog… Nice blog, abundance of information here… also, happen to watch & listen to your band, outstanding, takes me back on college days when i was listening to sepultura… clicking the bookmark to back for more… ciao! :D


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