The Train is Coming

It’s you I’m stuck with, waiting on this platform.

I know we’re all here for the transit to come take us away.

To the next phase, to that new beginning we yearn for.

But who knows, I could be getting off earlier than you.

So before the train comes, let’s cherish whatever moment remains, and make the wait worthwhile.

- While we’re still in the same station.

Taken with my phone, a Nokia C3 at LRT2 Station – Gateway, Cubao

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  1. Grysh says:

    Your posts have many different meaning depends on the readers’ perspective. For me, the waiting in the station, stuck in the station part is about being stuck in the same place for a long time, waiting for the opportunity to be able to move forward. But ofcourse to move forward, we have to move our body, make a decision and all that stuffs. For me, the decision to move forward is like riding the train, looking out for the number of people who will be or is already on the train and braving through the swarm of people during rush hours. But no matter how many times we move on, there are still times that we are sent back to the same place, same station, and again, waiting for the opportunity to move. Most people live life in a cycle. This is a great way to give metaphor to the never-ending cycle of life.


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