Sushi Fest at Genji-M!

UPDATE! As of May, they increased the sushi buffet price from P399 to P499, ultimately making the total price to P300 (with P250 voucher and tax inclusive) as opposed to the original P180-something. This is probably because the previous price was too low and wasn’t sustainable. But hey! With all the sushi variety available- octopus, salmon, fatty salmon, big maki, squid, etc., that price is still pretty much a steal! :)

After that self-motivating seminar about savings and finance mom invited us to at the Intercon Hotel, it’s sushi time at Genji-M! I’ve got to say, of all the Japanese restaurants I’ve been to, our dinner here has proven to be a memorable one!

What if I told you…all these and more for only P150 per person? No bull!

Location: Everyone’s familiar in one way or another with Makati City’s Makati Ave., I presume? Just make your way there and make a turn to Kalayaan Ave.! For Landmarks, it’s just beside St. Giles Hotel- here’s a map.

The interiors are your usual modern Japanese/Korean designs you’ll find in almost all the same-themed restaurants in the city. It’s quite spacious as it can cater to about 12-15 groups of four. There’s also ample parking on the front and side of the establishment, not to mention on the adjacent streets and buildings.

It can get a little busy though in rush hours, though. The restaurant is separated into two areas: public and private. Private rooms can cater to smoking groups of four or eight who want a little peace and quiet.

Public area

Private rooms

The restaurant has actually already been dined at by my family before, but alas it was without me. But thankfully, the sushi Gods has spared me from forever depriving me of their blessings! They’re currently known for their eat-all-you-can buffet for Rolls & Sushi (P399), Sashimi (P699) and Premium Sashimi (P1499) which aren’t half-bad for their prices vs. the food quality. Not bad at all! These are their regular prices, but they’re running a promo now until May 2014 that will make you want to dine here every day!

You’ll be given a checklist where you get to decide what to order and how many. Don’t worry, this isn’t a one time thing so feel free to go at your own pace. They’ll serve it to you and you’ll be given another list afterwards.

There’s also unlimited miso and one glass of iced tea free when you avail the buffet!

So what happened was we arrived in the restaurant a little-passed 9 o’clock, meaning they’re about to close soon and we’ll need to order everything we think we can eat on the first round. Hence, the massive four bigass platters you saw on the first picture. There were six of us, and we each got the P399 Rolls and Sushi Buffet- so in total the bill should be P2,400-ish, right? Yup, but they have a promo now of slashing away P250 per person c/o their printable vouchers online! What, where? Hold your horses! I’ll post the voucher at the end of this post.

The first platter was overwhelming enough- I thought that was it. But lo and behold! I don’t know what numbers mom and sis put on the checklist, but we ended up getting four full platters. FOUR! If you’re gonna order that in some other non-buffet restaurant, it’ll surely cost above P5,000, but we got away with it with P900!

So everything’s supposed to be sugar and rainbows now, right? NOT. What’s rule number one in buffet restaurants, again? No leftovers! Since it was the last call for orders when we arrived, we bet everything in one shot- ordering too less and too much will be disappointing, but at least in the latter we’ll be all full and stuffed! So yeah, we risked it all with ordering more. For the sushi!!!

Here’s the gist of what we had:

Squid, Octopus and Salmon Sushi

Tamago, Mackarel, Shrimp and Crab Sushi

Sushi Roll versions of the former sushi, as well as California and French Fried

Not included in the photos are the Tuna Sushi and the Flying Fish Roe Sushi.

Having just six average semi-hungry humans on the roster, of course we weren’t able to finish it all. Thankfully, since we’re the last customers in the establishment, Genji-M felt considerate at the time so they let us take home the remaining sushi at the additional cost of P100- for the plastic containers to pack them with. :)

The Verdict: I believe it is pretty obvious how we feel about Genji-M and its P400-turned-P150 Rolls and Sushi buffet, but for formality’s sake, let me say that it is quite a remarkable experience- indubitably! Never have I imagined having unlimited pro-restaurant-type sushi for such a cheap price. No one would, not anywhere! As for the taste and quality- they’re all good, tasty and fresh! But what caught my eye and tongue was their wasabi- it was dark green and putty-ish. Not sure how to grade wasabi, but I’m certain it’s one of the best I’ve tried.

I wouldn’t mind paying the regular price for this, even for the P700 sashimi! Their Premium Sashimi also piqued my curiosity, but I guess that’s for another visit when I have more moolah on hand. >.

So I suggest you print these vouchers out before their promo ends on May 31, 2014!

If you’re looking for more, their P1,499 Premium Sashimi also comes with unlimited beer for free! Additional P200 though for the Unli-Sushi and Unli-Sashimi buffet.

Vouchers are per person, so print as much as you can!

GENJI-M Japanese/Korean Restaurant
8485 Kalayaan Ave. Cor. Makati Ave., Makati City
Open 11am-10pm
Tel. No. (02) 804 2883
Web Site
Facebook Page

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  1. Bruce says:

    sana meron din dito sa Cebu… kaka inggit naman!!!! :(

  2. wilson angelo says:

    thank you so much sa post mo…hahha…been waiting for this…^_^

  3. Jc Rodriguez says:

    will contact them tomorrow! :D ITTADAKIMASU!

  4. Stacy says:

    Hi! Your blog really made my mouth water even if it’s just several minutes after my lunch. :) btw, we’ll just print the coupon and we’re in? that’s 399 less 250? :)

    • Chad says:

      Hi, Stacy!

      Yup, you got it right. Print the coupon and each person who has one gets P250 discount! So the 399 sushi buffet becomes 149. :) Oh, and thanks! It seems we have the same knack for food- if you’re up to it, do visit my other food posts at! You might find the other food places interesting too.

      Happy eating at Genji-M!

  5. Ericka tee says:

    Thank you for sharing this goodness with the world! Can you walk-in an avail of the buffet or the vouchers have to be printed?

    • Chad says:

      Hi, Ericka!

      Yes, you can definitely avail their buffet choices anytime even without the coupon, but just at their regular prices. The coupon is only there for the P250 discount that’s only valid until May 31, 2014. :)

      I hope you’ll like Genji-M as much as we did (or more) when you try the place!

  6. Cheska de Jesus says:

    Where can I get the vouchers??????

  7. Kathleen says:

    Very very nice blog! I soo love sushis. How can i get the voucher? I’ll just print it from this blog? I really want to go there!

    • Chad says:

      Hi, Kathleen!

      Thank you and I’m glad you liked it. And yes, just print the voucher image posted here and voila! It’s yours. :)

  8. Lmoe Skyflakes says:

    ooopsss… hold on… was thinking it was too good to be true.. since I was near the place we printed the vouchers and went to the place to have our dinner tonight… first impression is that the service was a bit slow… the first 2 platters were fast but for your refill I suggest you order extra because they take about 30-40 minutes before the rolls and sushi arrive.. they were pretty much legit, I figured this was their strategy since they were charging so low.. I figured what the hell it’s ok it’s 149 per person.. basically we finished until the last order because like I said the service was I guess “purposely” slow… but then when the bill came I gave 500 plus the coupons I assumed our bill was 300.. The waiter said we still lacked for the bill.. When I asked why, he said they had 10% service charge I figured ok… that’s not so bad.. i’m paying 149 only.. and then when he showed me my bill it was for 600.. what they failed to mention is that service charge wasn’t included yet which was supposedly ok but also that they raised their rates for the month of may (the only month of the promo) to 499 instead of 399… so what failed to mention in this article is that instead of paying 149 per person you are paying for 300.. I mean it’s still a pretty good deal I guess.. but i’m just saying what’s to be expected.. because they should write down the total real cost… anyway it’s not a rip off but not really that great for a bargain considering the service… there you have it folks 300 per person is the real price for buffet rolls and sushi…

    • Chad says:

      Hi, Lmoe! I didn’t know they raised their prices by P100 for this month of May. Will update the blog ASAP (I’ll also include the tax) so the other readers would be informed. Thanks for the heads up!

  9. Reyniel says:

    that is unli sushi and beer

  10. tax says:

    Ung mga presyo sa menu nila is not tax inclusive? Dba Bawal yon? #BIRalert

  11. kay says:

    Looks lovely,would definitely pay a visit!!!

    One note though.. this is unlimited / all you can eat. That does not equal a buffet. A buffet is the table where the food is served, where you get food for yourself. So, for example, the resto style is meal stub, I go to the buffet, I present the stub, then get food for myself. Still a buffet, but not the unlimited kind.

  12. josh reyes says:

    what do you mean by “premium sushi” which cost 1,499 per person exclusive of service charge?

    • Chad says:

      Hi, Josh!

      Availing their Premium Sashimi means being able to have access to the other sushi/sashimi variants not available on their unli sushi/sushi rolls and unli sashimi packages. Basically you’ll be able to eat the more expensive ones. :)

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