McDonald’s New Big N’ Tasty Burger

Has anyone else tried McDonald’s new Big N’ Tasty Burger? Finally, after enduring long years of their usual menu (lest the dessert variants, upgraded breakfast menu items and the on and off twister fries), comes this new addition of fast food mayhem for our bourgeois palate to feast upon. This was already out in the world by over a decade, but hey! They just hit the Pinoy fast food chain last April. The regular meal with fries and a drink starts at 145PHP, contrary to the 137PHP Big Mac and Quarter Pounder meal.

Originally designed to compete with Burger King’s Whopper around 1997, the sandwich consists of a seasoned quarter-pound (4 oz, 113.4 g) beef patty with ketchup, mayonnaise, slivered onions, two dill pickle slices, leaf lettuce, and one tomato slice on a sesame seed bun. It was not unusual for someone to add mustard to the Big N’ Tasty.”

So yeah, they finally decided to add tomatoes to the mix. As for its taste, it somehow reminds me of the special sauce used in Big Mac, though I find it more flavorful. To describe it in the fewest of words: it’s basically a Quarter Pounder with the patties being beefier and bigger than its buns with the sauce of Big Mac overflowing in its midst. Sounds tasty right? Well, it is. Be sure to try this baby the next time you hit at McDonald’s!

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  2. glv says:

    dis-appointed ako sa big n tasty nila, kulang ingredients nila wala white onion, ang liit ng tomato slice nila at lalo na ang pickles nila super tipid two slices lng at malilit pa. ang sauce kulang din.


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