Rustic Mornings in Marikina

I’ve been hearing about Rustic Mornings for the longest time now, and coincidentally, my FFXIV friends decided to pay a visit. The things I heard about the place? Well, to summarize, I guess a perfect date place for loved ones with an equally perfect round of ambiance and hospitality, paired with great healthy food that are a bit on the expensive side. My thoughts? Pretty much those, but don’t fret- they also have affordable food as well!

Pork Tocino Meal – P155

Directions: Here’s a map. Just click and zoom out for further landmark references. Rustic Mornings is near Marikina Sports Center- from Sumulong Hi-way, make a turn to Shoe Avenue and then to Isabela Mendoza Street. You’ll find it right past the Marikina Shoe Museum on a street with a narrow road. There’s a gate like so:

The place is designed to cater to tons of customers, so it’s a no-brainer that the area is huge! That said, no need to worry about parking space. There’s also a security guard by the gate who will guide you as you go in.

Let’s start with the dining areas: the places where patrons can dine in are divided into several indoor and outdoor locations. If not in a hurry, do try to roam around and see the various places of the restaurant since they’re all wonderfully designed! The cozy ambiance really makes one feel relaxed.

And they certainly didn’t adapt the name ‘rustic‘ for nothing- interiors and exteriors boast of brilliant minimalistic and wooden themes that sport ornaments like paintings, clocks, chandeliers, tables and chairs that resemble old-style Western American homes. Dining in this ambiance gives a pretty unique atmosphere with friends.

As for the food that they serve- they are also unique and of good quality in their own right. Although meals are a bit expensive for the unsuspecting diner just wanting to get his hunger by, which is about P150-P350 budget per meal, be rest-assured that they are (1) of big serving, (2) healthy, and (3) made up of fresh and high-quality ingredients. Add these costs to the opportunity you get to enjoy their unique ambiance as you dine, well, it pretty much gives your money’s worth, and more!

As their name suggests, it’s perfect to go there for breakfast as they are only open for walk-in patrons from 8am-4pm. I hear you need to make reservations if you want to go there at night and it will be more costly.

Anyway, if you want to take your loved ones to a nice place with nice food with a minimum budget of P200 per person, this is the place. As for me, my friends and I definitely had a good time here.

Check out the food and location pictures below!

Pork Longgonisa Meal – P180

Parmigiano Carbonara – P230

Iced Tea – Glass P80 / Bottomless P120, Fresh Lemonade – P90

Strawberry Milkshake – P226

Here is their menu:

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More pictures from the location!

#11 Isabelo Mendoza St. San Roque, 1801 Marikina City
Tel. No. (02) 510 6914
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 8am-4pm

Facebook Page
Web Site

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