Another 00 OVA is Out!

The OVA of Another finally hit the market last May 26, 2012 bundled with the “0th” volume of the manga. This 24-minute episode is set before the beginning of the series. It shows us a quick look on the lives of the two Misaki twins, and how the so-called ‘Calamity’ in the town of Yomiyama started.

It’s been awhile since I finished Another, but watching this OVA brought back that old depressing feeling the series was able to uniquely explicate. It’s refreshing to see Misaki Mei acting like the normal middle-schooler she was supposed to be. Well, until ‘That’ happened. In the series, she was introduced to the viewers as a quiet and unfeeling character. For those who’ve watched it, we all know how it’s gonna end.

Click here to download Another 00 (c/o NyaaTorrents)

Here are a few more screenshots:

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