Microsoft Rivals Apple with Surface Tablet

Joining the tablet market bandwagon is Microsoft‘s very own Surface tablet, primarily designed to take on Apple’s iPad head on. This 10.6-inch tablet will come in two versions: Surface and Surface Pro.

The thing actually comes with it’s own keyboard and stand!

Surface will be suited for the everyday standard user – Windows RT, ARM Processor, 32 or 64GB, 31.5 W-h battery, HD Screen and USB 2.0 while the pro version would pack a bit more punch in every aspect, just as how businessmen and techie people like it: Windows 8, Dual-core i5 Processor, 64 or 128GB, 42 W-h battery, Full HD Screen and USB 3.0.

The question now is: How will this compare to Apple’s upcoming iPad 3 or rumored mini-iPad? Sadly, no conclusions can be made yet since first and foremost – we don’t know crap about the new iPad, and there’s only so little we know about this one. Let’s just sit our technical asses out until further info comes to light.

In the end, most people will buy the unit that will give them more bang for their buck – obviously. Processing speed, responsiveness, retail price, apps functionality and availability, screen quality, battery life, physical design and the types of networks it can access are usually the playing fields here. So the one that offers more while putting brand loyalty aside, wins.

No announcements has been made yet with regards to how much it will cost nor when it will be shipped to the world market, so just watch this teaser video for the meantime:

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