Anime Radio Streaming on Your PC

Does anyone still listen to local radio that much anymore now that NU107 is gone? Lol.

My brother just got his iPad 2 and one peculiar application he installed was “Japan Radio” in which it could stream US-based radio stations that play anime and/or Japanese songs 24/7. A great way to discover new anime and Japanese music artists!

Now this isn’t something new to offer to the world, but then it just hit me: “Why didn’t I stream anime radio stations then?!” And so I downloaded the needed files and streamed to my heart’s content. Finally, something new to listen to besides those ever-so-repeating songs on my iTunes.

How do you stream music?

1.) You need a music player. You can use almost any out there, but I feel most comfortable with VLC Player.

2.) Download the .PLS files to stream to your desired anime radio station. Here’s the list:

a.) AnimeNfo Radio
b.) Armitage’s Dimension (ArmiTunes)
c.) Japan-A-Radio
d.) Kawaii Radio

3.) Open the .PLS files with your music player. Of course, you must be online to stream.

And that’s that! Enjoy listening to a new kind of radio fit to your anime tastes!

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  1. Grysh says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m so sick of the songs in my iTunes as well. :|
    In fact, I keep on pressing the next button again and again ’til I listen to a song I barely listen to.

    But from the four stations, which one do you think is the best? I’ll try out kawaii Radio for now since it sounds cute. :))

    • Chad says:

      Thanks Grysh! Glad to be of help in killing some of your boredom. d(>_

      I'm pretty much the same when it comes to song playback on iTunes – keeping on pressing that next button until I hear a song I like, but then almost every time I won't be able to finish it and move on with the next one. It's a very sad occurrence :))

      Of the four, I mostly listen to AnimeNfo and Armitage's Dimension. Then move on to the other two if no songs interest me in the the first two stations.

      It's really fun tuning in to them for that fresh feeling of hearing new music. And sometimes, you'll encounter songs you already know – a sudden feel of nostalgia perhaps, and if you get lucky, rare remixes of those songs. :D

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