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  • Archive for September 12th, 2012

    September 12th, 2012

    Kokoro Connect Review

    by chad

    Before anything else, here’s pretty much what lured people to watch this:

    I was supposed to blog about Tiger & Bunny and Yuru Yuri next, but I guess I was distracted lol. Putting antics aside, I consider Kokoro Connect a top-notch show where anyone could get hooked into with just the first episode – it practically starts with your cliche high school group of five hanging out in their after-school club, but things get complicated once they start switching bodies like crazy until it’s not funny anymore. Yes, comic scenarios depicting funny, nonsensical and semi-erotic situations are included, but they’re just gonna be the tip of the iceberg, really.

    The show would use the personality switch as an opportunity to dwell deeper into the characters- to discover who they are, what makes them distinct among the others, and how they would fight their own demons. Like main character Nagase Iori said: “Our souls and personalities cannot be seen or touched. That’s why we typically use physical appearance to identify a person- that means that the body is the foundation for the identity. But if our bodies lose their significance because of the personality switching, will we still be ourselves?”

    Seriously, with this kind of set-up, the possibilities for the story and characters are infinite! The first arc would be episodes 1-5, second arc 6-10, and I’m not so sure about the third since episode 11 is yet to be aired this week. Note: the personality switch would end in the first arc, and something more serious and mind-breaking would be in store for you in the next so watch out for it!

    Plot: Everything starts like any other meeting at the Cultural Research Club, except that Chihiro Uwa and Yui Kiriyama have disturbing news: that they woke up in the middle of the night last night in the other’s room, possibly suggesting a body switch. Then everything went back to normal after a few minutes passed. This of course baffled their club leader Himeko Inaba, but she would have none of it.

    Meanwhile, Iori Nagase went out to get her notebook in the classroom, and protagonist Taichi Yaegashi suggested they have some hot tea to calm things down a little.

    But after a blink of an eye, Taichi, while looking at Inaba, suddenly finds himself looking under a chair drawer…

    With his voice changed…

    And that he had girl-boobs.

    He became Iori Nagase.

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