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    August 9th, 2012

    The iPad 3rd Gen Unboxing, Purchase Rationale and Top Apps

    by chad

    Seventh Messiah bandmate and long time friend James mentioned about HSBC offering Apple products with 0% interest, payable for 2 years, and that his brother got the New iPad (3rd Gen) with it. After looking at the 16GB version’s price, which is roughly around 24k PHP, I did the no-brainer math – 1k per month. He offered to swipe it (for the points maybe lol), and voila! I just planned on paying him 8k every 8 months so I’ll just feel the burden by a third.

    We picked it up in UP TechnoHub a week after the omni-swipe. And just like any other victim of Apple’s conniving marketing strategy, I was forced to buy hella-expensive accessories to give iPad-sama the best protection it can have. And to reduce further financial damage in the future, of course I’ve jailbroken it the moment I got home.

    So why buy this seemingly overpriced piece of techno-gadgetry?

    To each his own, I guess. In my case, here’s the brief:

    a.) Client presentations outside my home office. Compared to my 4 year old laptop that still needs A/C power to work, it’s faster to use, much more appealing and more convenient to carry around
    b.) I love to read, but most of my stuff is in PDF format and I can only read so much when in front of my desktop, and in my room for that matter. It’s better to read and write outside at places where distraction is minimal
    c.) The productivity apps look promising, and could possibly boost motivation and efficiency in handling my business
    d.) The music apps interest me, and I wanna play around with ‘em, seeing that others use them in gigs and stuff
    e.) There are certain platform games I wanna play that are only available for the iPad
    f.) The 5MP HD video camera is awesome, I could use it as an extra camera for my personal shoots
    g.) I’ve always wanted to mess around with an Apple gadget, being the Windows enthusiast that I am

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