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  • Archive for March 29th, 2012

    March 29th, 2012

    We Got Cignal HD and It’s Pretty Neat

    by chad

    I was already contented with our current SkyCable subscription since I seldom watch television, but my brother thinks otherwise. I guess you can’t blame him – being an NBA enthusiast, of course you’d want to view the best of the best. And what’s the best? That full high-definition television experience, of course.

    So we subscribed to Cignal’s HD packages. Having done so, our folks were finally able to utilize the LCD TV we gave them for Christmas. So it’s pretty much a win-win situation. Well, kind of, as this would also be added monthly expenses for me >.

    We went with the 1290 package, having 57 regular channels and 11 HD channels. The guys from Cignal paid a visit about two days after to install the TV boxes (one for me, my brother, and then my parents), and got it working right away within the week. Besides the monthly expenses, there’s also the 700PHP processing fee and fee for the additional TV boxes, if there are any. The first box is free, though.

    Even with my 22″ LG LCD TV (though it supports 1080p), the difference between the SD channels and HD ones are quite discernible. Though I won’t be watching NBA HD, I’m pretty excited about my upcoming viewing experience with HBO HD, NatGeo HD, Discovery HD, FOX HD, Food Channel HD, and a bunch more to choose from! Too bad there’s no Cartoon Network HD (which falls under the 1590 package.) There’s also Screen Red which shows Asian award-winning movies (including Japanese with subtitles) and that Japanese channel NHK.

    I’ve decided to take a few pictures of my TV showcasing the aforementioned HD channels. If you’re also interested in getting the full HD experience that is an alternative to the expensive Sky Cable, better visit Cignal’s office. To know more about Cignal, their packages, channels and contact info, go to their website at http://www.cignal.tv/

    So yeah, here are more pictures:

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