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    March 28th, 2012

    Back to Metal Music with Seventh Messiah

    by chad

    When I have my axe in hand, nothing really gives me as good a time when playing metal music. That adrenaline rush, that burning passion itching to explode in heavily-distorted guitar gallops and double-pedaled mayhem!

    After years of inactivity with our college cover band Sacramentum (watch a gig here), we finally hit it off again. This time, now with goals of actually making original compositions, we’ll go by the name Seventh Messiah.

    Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not just this kind of music that I love. I’ll listen and play to just about anything. Be it metal, rock, pop, dance, techno, jazz, blues, R&B, orchestral, anime, death, christian, what have you! Closing oneself to just one genre is stupid anyway, right? There are lots of awesome experiences in the world. Why not try to experience them all to your full extent? Oh, I didn’t mean to preach there >.

    Anyway, I also brought my equipment to a random jam of ours and took the liberty of testing out the Canon 550D and Rode VideoMic combination, with the help of good ol’ Magic Lantern. The results were pretty good! The audio quality, I mean. We still need to tidy up on our songs lol. Here they are:

    Lamb of God – Hourglass (Vocalless)

    Burn You Alive (Vocalless)

    Oh yeah, if it’s no hassle, Please click the link and like our page!